How to Begin My Korean Skin Care Routine

Feeling overwhelmed shopping Korean skin care? You are not alone! Many people feel lost because there so many products available. This 1-minute easy test helps you find your perfect fit based on your skin type, skin concern and how much time you want to invest in your daily beauty routine.

Their 10-step skin care routine is extremely effective... read more

Beauty fans from around the world love Korean Beauty products. But what makes them so unique & effective?

They are extremely innovative - did you know that BB creams, sheet masks and the cushion compact all originated from Korea?
Everyone just adores their cute & fun packaging like egg soaps, tomatoes, bunny's or funny sleeping masks.

Their 10-step skin care routine is extremely effective. Getting flawless skin is all about cleansing, targeting skin issues, and protecting your skin. This is exactly what the 10 step Korean skin routine is all about.

However choosing the right products & skin care routine can be very time-consuming & overwhelming. This 1-minute easy test helps you find your perfect fit based on your skin type, skin concern and how much time you want to invest in your daily beauty routine. Let's get started!

Test your skin type first!

There is an easy test to find out which one you are: take a facial tissue or paper and press it on your face. The tissue has...

Niniko Skin Type Test
NO traces of oil
Normal Skin - Lucky you! This is the least problematic skin type! Your skin is well-moisturized and balanced. But don't forget, your skin still needs to be regularly cleansed and moisturized.
NO traces of oil, but your skin feels dry, tight or flaky after wiping your face.
Dry Skin - For you it is important to keep your skin hydrated by using masks & moisturizers. This way rough and flaky patches will disappear.
Traces of facial oil
Oily Skin - The good news is, you are not prone to wrinkles! All you need to do is carefully cleanse & avoid rich creams. This will immediately improve shiny skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, spots & blemishes.
Traces of facial oil when wiping your nose & forehead.
But it is clean when wiping your cheeks & eye-area.
Combination Skin - Dry areas should be treated with rich creams & moisturizers. Oily areas usually need thorough cleaning to remove accumulated oil.
Traces of facial oil. Your skin also becomes easily irritated & red.
It strongly reacts to allergens, food, pollution, weather, cosmetics or stress.
Sensitive Skin - Use hypoallergenic skincare and alcohol-free products to take care of your skin.

Select what fit's you best!

Essentials Set
(5 min daily)
Korean Skincare Starter Set
(8 min daily)
10-Step Korean Skincare Set
(13 min daily)
Banila Co Clean It Zero ClassicStep 1: Make-up Remover Remove stubborn eye makeup, sebum and soot
Skinfood Tea Tree Soft Bubble FoamStep 2: Water-based Cleanser The 2nd part of the double cleanse. Removes dirt & impurities for a clean skin
Skinfood Black Sugar MaskStep 3: Exfoliation Scrub dead skin away to achieve a soft & supple skin
Tonymoly Pocket Bunny Sleek MistStep 4: Toner Soften, moisturize & restore your pH level
Missha Time Revolution First Treatment EssenceStep 5: Essence The heart of Korean skin care. Renew and hydrate your skin & make it look brighter
Innisfree Green Tea Seed SerumStep 6: Serum Cure your skin's evils - dull, uneveness, sunspots, blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles
Innisfree Its Real Squeeze Mask KiwiStep 7: Masks (once a week) The soul of Korean skin care. Brightens, revitalizes and plumps your skin
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye CreamStep 8: Eye creams Eliminate wrinkles, lines and puffiness, taking years off your look!
Etude House Moistfull Collagen CreamStep 9: Moisturizers The key to a dewy, glowing and healthy looking skin
Etude House Precious Mineral Any CushionStep 10: BB-Cream Makeup (Sunscreen) The No. 1 solution to prevent your skin from premature aging!